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REC Program

The Cathedral-Carmel School REC Program is an educational program designed to meet the needs of students with development disabilities within the framework of a Catholic school setting. The goals of the REC Program are to provide:
  • Catholic education
  • An opportunity to be as fully integrated as possible into the total life of the school community
  • Opportunities for students with development disabilities to grow socially, spiritually, and academically
  • Opportunities for the entire CCS community to gain an understanding of diversity and to value the unique gifts and talents of all students
The REC Program is based on a holistic, child-centered, educational premise and is focused on promoting successful outcomes for each student through:
  • A comprehensive understanding of each child’s unique needs
  • The identification of behaviors, benchmarks, and achievements to be attained
  • The determination of methods of evaluating specific, individual progress along this identified continuum of behaviors
With this understanding, the program endorses the belief that universal competencies exist for all students which can be defined under four major developmental domains: cognitive/academic development, communication development, interpersonal development, and spiritual development. This framework facilitates comprehensive planning for each student, clearly defined programs and services, and a vehicle for accountability regarding individual achievement and program efficacy.
The CCS community believes that each student within the REC program can develop these competencies by utilizing a spiritually supportive, educational environment that acknowledges individual strengths and abilities along a continuum of growth and maturation. This belief is consistent with the teachings of our founders, St. John Baptist de la Salle, who calls us to “teach minds and touch hearts,” and Mother Therese Chevrel, who calls us to “Love one another…Uphold one another.”
These students are in two separate self-contained classrooms. One classroom services PreK-3rd grade students and the other class services 4th-8th grade students. Our PreK-3rd REC Program is staffed with one teacher (Mrs. Brigitte Quebedeaux) and one (1) full time and one (1) part-time teacher/tutor. Our 4th-8th REC Program is staffed with one certified Special Education teacher (Mrs. Trudie Wolking) and one (1) full time and two (2) part-time teacher-tutors.
For PreK-8th REC enrollment opportunities, please contact Admissions Director, Mrs. Jan Lochridge.