Mrs. Annelle Keller » CCS STEAM Lab


The CCS STEAM Lab is a dedicated, physical space for students to create using computer-aided design applications for 3D printing.  Additionally, students have access to three autonomous, programmable humanoid Nao robots to develop human-machine interaction and cognitive computing.  The Dash and Dot robots will teach younger grades important logic thought processes through coding.  The Lego™ Education WeDo 2.0 will allow students to explore, create, and share their scientific discoveries as they build, program, and modify projects.  The audio/video and video production space will help students discover a world of emerging technologies, as well as time-tested, story-telling and script-writing assignments.  The ability to create video-based projects will allow students to enter the world of visual media as it stands highly prevalent in today’s society.  Future projects will include graphic design, digital music production, and 3D visual art.