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The Cathedral-Carmel curriculum is composed of the following subject areas: Catholic religion, reading, language arts, math, science, social studies, and physical education. In addition to the core subjects, French, art, music, band, library and computer literacy are offered. Catholicism is essential and central to the curriculum of Cathedral-Carmel School. Thus, students have a period of Catholic Religion each school day as well as immersion of religion in each class.
Cathedral-Carmel school is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). SACS accreditation requires CCS to evaluate its effectiveness as an educational institution. The self-evaluation results help CCS to achieve its goal of academic excellence by providing data for school improvement focus areas in curriculum and instruction. ACT Aspire test data is analyzed annually and ongoing professional development allows for CCS to provide excellent and current academics to our students.
Technology is integrated into the curriculum and instruction through two computer labs, a library research center, and individual student stations. One of the computer labs serves PreK – 8th grade. This classroom has a full-time multi-media instructor who works with the classroom teachers by teaching technology skills that range from basic keyboarding to designing interactive, multi-media presentations. Scanners and Digital Cameras allow students to import pictures and photos into projects to personalize their work. The other computer lab is an Enhanced Technology Science Lab that houses 30 mobile laptops which are used by 5th-8th graders. The Library Research Center houses 15 workstations and one teacher station. English / Language Arts classes in grades 3-8 have model classrooms (1 computer for every 5 students, a teacher station with a large screen projector, and a network printer).
Cathedral-Carmel strives to help all students achieve academic excellence. Therefore, Cathedral-Carmel has an enrichment program for academically advanced / creative students in grades 1-5. Eighth grade students have the opportunity to take Algebra I and French I exit exams for high school credit. In addition, Cathedral-Carmel School has an academic support program designed to provide the least restrictive environment for meeting the students’ individual needs.