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Cathedral-Carmel Foundation Donors

Foundation Annual Fund Donors from August 2023 - July 2024
Lynn Comeaux, CCHS 1968
Dr. Eric Elias
Josh Borill
Mary & John Campbell in honor of Charlie Hightower
Trent Folse / BOA Matching Gift
Jim Lyons
Brittany Ramirez 
Robyn & Phil Boudreaux 
Ashley & Neal Guidry in memory of Jimmy Sandlin
Mrs. Marilyn Martin
Dr. & Mrs. Donald Posner
Bruce Bentley
Marie & Glen Maggio
In Memory of Dr. Jerome Broussard 
Coni Trahan
Angela & Karl Quoyeser
Carolyn Quoyeser
Rpslynn Seibold
Kay & Pete Babineaux
Debbie & Joe Giglio
Friends of the Broussard Family
Michele & Malcolm Meijer
Kathy & Clifford Schwartzenburg
Crystal & Scott Domingue
Forrest Johnson, III
Rhonda Guidry
Merle Segura
John Begley
James Hamilton
Nanette G. Pirie, 1967
Catherine & Rick LeBlanc
Lucile Prejean
NC Admas Children, LLC
Led Simon, 1954
Cherie & Ralph Kraft
Lanny F. Kilchrist, 1958
Gail Abshire, 1971
Wayne Corne, 1956
Gerald Duhon, 1958