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Please take a moment to reflect, and remember the time you spent walking the halls of Mt. Carmel, Cathedral, CCHS, or Cathedral-Carmel School. It is our hope that those memories are ones filled with faith, joy, and a sense of overwhelming pride for the school that laid the foundation for where
life has taken you. We, as one family under God, come together to celebrate all that is great about
Cathedral-Carmel School!

CCS Alumni Association promotes good fellowship among alumni, strengthen the ties of loyalty and devotion of alumni to the school, and at all times further the interests of Cathedral-Carmel School.  

Faculty Alumni   A true testament to the success of any organization can be found in the number of people who leave and then choose to return. There are numerous alumni serving in many different capacities on our campus. They are sharing the wonderful CCS Spirit with the children of today. As we send each class off into the world, we feel excited to know that many of them will only be gone for a few short years, as CCS is home to so many people.

STAY CONNECT! Contact Sarah Hyde, Development & Foundation Director, [email protected] or phone 337-235-5577, mail, or fax to share your most recent news with us. Send your change of address, job position, high school or college news, new additions to the family, or family losses to keep us in touch with your lives. We are especially looking for email addresses to add to our database. Please take a moment to complete the ALUMNI PROFILE UPDATE FORM which makes it very easy for us to stay connected with you! CLICK HERE to access the Alumni Profile Update Form now.

 Are you one of us? The Alumni Association is trying to locate all Graduates. Whether you graduated from Mt. Carmel, Cathedral, Cathedral-Carmel High School or from Cathedral-Carmel School, you are part of the Alumni Association. If you know of anyone who we have not been in contact with in recent months / years, please call the FRONT OFFICE - Alumni at 337- 235-5577, email us at [email protected]  or fill out the form.

We appreciate your continued prayers and are forever grateful for your participation and
financial support, which is instrumental in continuing the success and traditions of your alma mater and
CCS! All graduates are inducted into the Cathedral-Carmel Alumni Association.